Interview with Frazer Chesterman by Lesley Simpson - Editor of Image Reports

Interview with Frazer Chesterman by Lesley Simpson - Editor of Image Reports

The first Pure Digital event will take place in Amsterdam in April. Organised by former Fespa men and InPrint founders Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson of FM Brooks, it aims to ‘excite the European creative industry with truly innovative digitally printed applications.’ Great idea, but will it work, and should you be involved? Here’s what Chesterman had to say to Lesley Simpson - Editor of Image reports recently...

Pure Digital, Building Holland and BNO join forces to inspire digital print innovation for interior decor and other applications

Pure Digital enters into collaboration with Building Holland, the leading trade fair for the construction and architecture market in the Benelux region, and with BNO, the most prominent association and community in Dutch Design. This triumvirate underlines the importance of creativity in the growth process from vision to reality for digital print and design for interior decor and other applications. Pure Digital will give visitors and exhibitors a uniquely immersive experience where creative vision, technical expertise and practical applications come to life.

Probo confirmed as sponsors for Pure Digital Show in Amsterdam 17-19 April 2018

Pure Digital Show Organisers are delighted to announce the participation of innovative digital printing company Probo for Pure Digital 2018 as conference and exhibition sponsors. Since the formation of Probo in the early 2000’s, the company has earned an enviable reputation for leadership and innovation, in particular, focused on digital printing of varying types.

What is the best way to grow demand for digital printing?

According to the results from the Pure Digital Survey, collaboration is seen by a significant majority of respondents as the solution to successfully growing demand for innovative digital printing. For anything new, it is a crucial component that facilitates progress and growth. The awareness of the unique potential of digital printing is lower because up to now, the print supply chain has been hierarchical and focused more on competition and less on collaboration.

Zund: A Cut Above

At home, out shopping, on vacation, in the streets, in a car or on an airplane – we are constantly surrounded by products likely to have come off a Zünd cutter. From street signs to storefronts, packaging to spacesuits, hot-air balloons to bullet-proof vests, airplane seats to windshields, Zünd digital cutting systems can process all of the materials involved with the perfect tool for the job – be that cutting, routing, creasing, scoring, or laser machining. Zünd has more cutting systems installed worldwide than any other cutter manufacturer.

Pure Digital wil kloof dichten tussen ontwerpers en printindustrie

Pure Digital wil kloof dichten tussen ontwerpers en printindustrie

Wat willen creatieven? Vooral inzicht in de (technologische) mogelijkheden om nieuwe ideeën vorm te geven, zo blijkt uit een enquête die eind 2017 werd uitgevoerd door de organisatie van Pure Digital. Daarvoor is meer samenwerking nodig tussen ontwerpers en de printindustrie, want er is nog steeds een enorme kloof tussen deze twee werelden, aldus de respondenten. Dat vormt een belemmering voor verdere groei.