Leoxx - Growing Demand for Digital Decor

Leoxx is a company that is fully focused on floorcoverings in contract industry, PVC carpets, carpet tiles, liquid flooring, wallcoverings and upholstery. Leoxx does not print the products but are a trading house that offers the service, and the advantage is the superb links with the creative industry including many architects. I met Wouter Bink who also presented at the Eindhoven Design Academy about the growth of digital printing within decor production.

Pure Digital Report and Webinar Available


On Friday 1 December we hosted a webinar featuring results from a survey we ran in November designed to reveal insight, trends and opportunities for digital printing growth. The webinar featured Nancy Janes of HP and Vincent van Herk of Driven by Design who gave some really interesting examples of innovative digital printing for packaging and for décor.

The recording from Friday’s webinar is now available. Just follow this link

So what did the Survey Reveal?

The headline results I think is that the largest barrier to growth is considered to be the divide between the creative and printing industries. The results revealed this, and other key issues such as the fact that printing companies are not doing enough to engage and inspire their customers are reckoned to be instrumental in holding back growth.

If you would like to register for a copy of the Survey then go to this link


Bridge the Gap! Pure Digital Webinar 1 December

It is a simple question. But one much of the print industry fails to answer. What is it that creatives want from digital printing? Saying print done well is not enough. And especially so when print has to fight the budgets, glamour and attention of new media. In this webinar, we discuss the results of a recent survey which asks these kinds of questions and more, and we are delighted to have a great panel to help us.

Francois Martin - A New Beginning for Digital Print

Francois Martin led HP’s Global Marketing for their GSB Business during a revolutionary time when the industry was in a state of rapid change. During the 2000’s, when I joined the print industry (2006), HP’s acquisitive and technological innovation led the way for much of the change for the graphics industry. It was during my time as FESPA’s marketing director that I got to know him and come to admire his energetic and enthusiastic commitment to inspiring printers to adopt digital printing technology.

Pure Digital Development Group Meeting Review - 8th November, The RAI, Amsterdam

RAI Outside.jpg

On 8th November we again ran a development group for Pure Digital to co-create and collaborate to ensure we make the event as successful as possible. Again, around 25 top digital print companies, manufacturers and press attended. 

Following on from the 5th October meeting, the focus for this meeting centred on ‘What Creatives Want from Digital Print’. Many from the last meeting felt that with the event being different to regular print shows – the experience for the event would need to be different.
Jill Geens, attended and contributed to meeting regarding creatives. With a background in design as well as print, Jill recently wrote a blog ‘Mind the Gap’ which talks about the divide between the print and creative industries. Jill expressed that the designer wants to make a difference with their design so that the printing must be an integral part of the creative process. When it is so it tends to be much more powerful and the same is true of commercial printing, packaging or indeed wide format or decor.

Heidi Jane Fowler from Sihl, concurred that creatives are looking for opportunities. The way that we, therefore, must exhibit must be thought through into the mind of the creative. In addition to this, Heidi expressed that trying to communicate in this kind of way is virtually pointless when exhibiting at traditional print or graphic shows as generally speaking print companies don’t always find it easy to adopt new things and opportunities such as décor. And that a new show format such as Pure Digital is required.

The group agreed that generally, the print industry must become better at expressing its core value with the output as failure to do so which result in ever decreasing margins. 


The meeting was also treated to an interesting and inspiring presentation from Juriaan van Beelen from Nettl who will be showcasing their experiential approach at Pure Digital in Amsterdam. Nettl really turns the traditional print model on its head and places client needs at its core and very much is in tune with the Pure Digital philosophy of doing things differently.
Frank from Biljdesign agreed that most certainly a traditional show model with print machinery and graphics being placed onto the floor of the show was no longer required but that a client-centric and application focused delivery of exhibition booths was more appropriate. 

Crucially, Pure Digital will need to be different and the live event must align with the core mission to inspire the creative industry with the innovative potential of digital printing.



In the period between the October Development Group Meeting and the meeting of 8th November, the Pure Digital team conducted research with over 100 respondents into the creative industry and digital printing. Without question, the findings underlined the need for a show such as Pure Digital. The lack of knowledge and contact with the creative industry by the print industry is seen as the number 1 problem for the growth of digital printing. Additionally, collaboration is seen as the best way forward to re-engineer a culture where print is part of the strategic creative process as opposed to a kind of tactical decision made at the end of the creative process. If you are interested in a copy of this report then do sign up to the blog updates as all on our list will be emailed once it is available.

Mind the Gap!

There are a lot of gaps: the one between generations, between man and woman,
between companies and their clients, … I am referring to the gap between
printers and designers. Strange when you come to think of it because there are so
many opportunities out there to reinforce one another which is what we both need in
these challenging times.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

This is the full version that was missing from Friday's broadcast.

From our Pure Digital and InPrint research and many discussions, it is clear that there is a wall of fear that exists within traditional industry which is slowing progress for digital print of all types. And this is mostly built out of misunderstanding and misinformation. This article looks at the introduction of digital printing and why fear rather than keeping us safe restricts growth and most importantly successful evolution.

Interview with Surface Designer Robin Sprong: Unleashing a wild animal in design

Robin Sprong is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of digital wallcoverings and owns a business based in Cape Town which trades globally. Robin describes himself and business as a specialist in 'surface design' and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. We talked about business, design and print and discovered the secret of this businesses success.

Design and Print: A Powerful Combination

Van Straaten.jpg

I was recently fortunate enough to visit Van Straaten located close to Amsterdam. The place is an inspirational showcase of what is possible with digital printing and I just had to share this photo of an amazing print. The vividness of the fountain water, in particular, gives the impression of it being real when in fact it is a still print.

Just an example of what is possible with digital printing when it is allied with clever photography, design, vision and of course digital print.

I just think this demonstrates the power of digital printing in all its glory.