The Next Disruption in Digital Print - Marketing Automation.

Guest Blogger - Bram Verniest – COO CHILI Publish

Retail is increasingly requesting customised marketing POS material that resonates locally, a need only digital print can fulfil.  In a previous blog, Marcus Timson stated digital print still represents less than 3% of all printing, because the creative industry is largely unaware of its amazing potential. A comment we can only second. From a software point of view in any case. Mark our words - deployable tech will disrupt the print automation. What automation did for the print workflow, deployable tech will do on the marketing automation side.


We’ve been offering an online document editing solution for quite some time now.

And yet we still have designers coming up to us and asking if our solution will make them lose their job (no kidding, this was drupa!). The answer is no.

On the contrary even - with our solution a designer can secure each of his designs to be used/altered the right way. As he/she intended it to be. Design automation indeed.



(S)He designs a template and defines the limits of what can(not) be altered, enabling any authorised user or consumer to adapt parts of the collateral to his/her needs. Key design and brand elements remain respected, yet there is freedom to change what needs to be changed.


The solution comes as a stand-alone that can be easily integrated into any system. Deployable tech - our open API adapts to the system it needs to be integrated in. The workflow at a printer’s is automised - why not extend that to the graphics department and automate the design?


Think about it - you’ve insourced graphic expertise for the niche output experience you offer to your customers. The tools that create the output are automised in a nice flow to reduce ink and water waste or job imposition, job processing and whatnot. What if you could use deployable technology to also facilitate the workload of your in-house expertise and automate the job generation offered in your web-to-print webshop?


Image courtesy of Chili publish

Image courtesy of Chili publish

Imagine the profit if a designer could turn an original design into a template and offer this to the clients. The printer can offer a variety of templates for the customer to choose from and alter at will. The customer gets an original design to his/her liking. The printer gets the perfect print-ready PDF to deliver the required output. Tailored customization at the best cost/price for anyone. Just what retail is asking. And now imagine those extra billable hours designers get to spend on more profitable design projects.


Don’t limit automation to your production infrastructure. Think ahead - use the flexibility of digital print to sell your creative versatility. Get the core right by using deployable tech to sell your key service better. That’s how you’ll rise above the 3% with your investment in digital print.



Bram Verniest – COO CHILI Publish


P.S. End of February 2018, we’ll be hosting a new edition of our SPICY talks. We’re disrupting automation and revealing how we’ll go about. Care to join? Drop us a line, we’ll share the details.