The CE Mark and Wallcoverings – what do we need to know ?

With the growth of Digitally Printed wallpaper becoming so significant, we asked IGI – the Global Wallcoverings Association - to explain more about the standards that are expected. We caught up with Peter Whitehead – Technical Consultant - who helps to advise IGI on matters around standards.


Most of us are used to seeing many types of consumer goods labelled with a CE Mark.

You may have noticed wallcovering labels with the CE Mark.


The following Questions and Answers are an explanation for anyone intending to place wallcoverings on the market in the European Union.


Q. What is the CE Mark?

A. The CE Mark on a product confirms compliance with a European Directive or European Regulation. It is not a quality mark.

Q. Which European Directive or Regulation applies to Wallcoverings?

A. Wallcoverings are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPD).

Q. Is CE marking of Wallcoverings voluntary?

A. No. Wallcoverings placed on the market (sold) in the European Union are legally obliged to carry the CE Mark.

Q. What does the CE Mark tell the consumer?

A. It assures the consumer that the product is safe to use.

Q. Surely wallcoverings have not been hazardous to the consumer?

A. Modern wallcovering manufacturing is perfectly safe but historically, like many other industries, there were bad practices.

In addition the CE Mark includes a reaction to fire classification.

Q. I am thinking of marketing Wallcoverings. How do I CE Mark?

A. European Standard EN 15102 Decorative wallcoverings contains the requirements for CE Marking.

Q. Is this easy to read and follow?

A. It is a precise document and requires a fair amount of reading.

Q. Where can I get help?

A. IGI The Global Wallcoverings Association with over a 100 members, including manufacturers and associate companies, has a wealth of information and knowledge.


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