Association Support for Pure Digital Grows

Gert Veldhuis is President of ZSO

Gert Veldhuis is President of ZSO

Association Support for Pure Digital Grows for the Pure Digital Show with the news that ZSO, one of the leading printing associations in the Netherlands, has confirmed they will support the inaugural event designed to bridge the divide between the printing and the creative industries.

Gert Veldhuis, President ZSO, provides his opinion on why ZSO has decided to become an association partner for Pure Digital. “ZSO has since its beginning been concerned with supporting our members and the wider large format print industry grow in a healthy way. We have long understood how important the creative industry is to the future of printing and therefore support the mission for Pure Digital to inspire the creative industry with the possibilities of digital printing. We are happy to be an association partner for Pure Digital and look forward to the positive impact this partnership has for our members and the results it can generate with the creative industry.”

Why are Associations important for any launch event?

Because for the organiser of a new event, support from respected industry bodies is important. They possess an independent viewpoint within a market and have a duty of care to provide their members with key developments within the market. And a new show such as Pure Digital, which has a mission of bridging a gap between the creative and the print industries, this is really important.

Here are some comments further comments from some of the association and industry groups that have pledged their support for Pure Digital so far.

“Digital printing is revolutionising production possibilities for wallpaper producers and for many applications with the digital décor space. IGI is an association that is committed to providing our members, who are largely wallpaper producers, with the latest insight and access to the latest technology for their production. IGI believes that Pure Digital is an event which connects the possibilities of the digital printing technology directly with the creative industry and we are excited to be a supporting association.”

Geraldine de Limelette, IGI 

“The launch of Pure Digital looks to be the missing piece in our industry puzzle. Gathering Creativity, the origin of any print, and the Solution, the output quality and final product, will
undoubtedly improve our industry.

I hope Pure Digital will bring more creativity and ideas, helping customers and market understand what they can have using Digital Printing solutions.”


“Digital Print is an exciting and innovative technology used by many of our members. We know that there are many fantastic applications for the Sign, POP and retail markets.
Working with Pure Digital as a partner association helps us to spread this message to the creative communities. The Dutch sign association SI’BON is pleased to be involved with this exciting new show in Amsterdam April 2018.”