A unique advanced technology is coming to the global market – forming the backbone of product personalization using digital technology.


Personalization as the way of the future


The global market for on-demand Digitally personalised products is forecast to hit $400 billion by 2020 World Economic Forum 2017


The new machines produced by Aroja Xorfex in the Czech Republic allow the personalization of both rotary - curved items and also large-format panels – allowing printing digitally on shaped and flat metal surfaces. Companies from several European countries have already started using the first of these machines for opening new markets, with great success. It is, however, only the first step in the planned development on these machines. The company from the South Moravian town of Straznice recently introduced the new technology to the public at the international fair Inprint - Industrial Print Show. In the past, Jan Skopik produced 3D printers  with great success.  He has now joined forces with Tomas Wolf to produce digital print machines for printing short run , one offs onto flat and curved surfaces.


We expect worldwide success, which the findings of existing customers have already predicted to us” says Jan Skopik, business manager of the company Aroja s.r.o. According to Jan Skopik, if not for the long-time dedicated approach of the ink-jet technology and software specialist Tomas Wolf and the support of specialists from Konica Minolta, the new technology would never have emerged. “This opens the global market of customer solutions for industry and design to us,” added the Business manager Jan Skopik.


Pushing printing further ahead with new applications



The company is ready to produce several customised machines unlike any others in Europe. Their  machines are unique in the world of can printing - using 3D printing technology of sorts and these machines are supplemented with another bespoke machine for special printing on large panels, such as Garage Doors. The example in the picture shows an creatively printed Garage Door for a customer.


“We are able to modify the printing during production according to customer´s changes. This is a huge advantage over existing technologies that companies around the world usually use,” thinks Jan Skopik, adding that for several reasons the company is interested in working with people who want to take advantage of the new technology. In addition to acceleration and significant financial savings it generates a number of other benefits for providers of products, services and solutions in the field of printing. The new technology enables personalization at no additional costs even in very small series or even as individual products. Effective printing, energy efficiency reduction, innovation of the existing, but above all, it is novelty.”


As an exclusive partner for industrial solutions in Eastern Europe, the company has agreed to close partnership with Konica Minolta CZ. The company again managed to get among the world players. Aroja Xorfex is developing new innovations in the world of high-tech digital printing technologies and truly exciting solutions for challenges in the world of decoration.



Munich, November 14. , 2017
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