The Art of Seamless Wallcovering and Technical Textiles

We spoke to Hugo Schoute of Low and Bonar about their development of some really exciting textiles for covering walls.

We asked Hugo to explain more about the new Airtex range -

"The manufacturing of high-standard quality products comes from more than 60 years of experience in coating technical textiles. L&B being the first one coating a cotton textile.

A coating plant of 5 meters width can meet all customer’s demands and in total we have four XL coating lines. Annual we coat and finish app. 60 mln m2.

First manufactured in 2004, AIRTEX® magic FR has won more and more recognition as a high quality print substrate due to its easy to handle character und unique features like cotton/textile looks and feel.

Nowadays, AIRTEX® is recognized as a real brand in the fast growing market of seamless wallcoverings. We think horizontal instead off vertical!

With constant refinement (durableness, longevity, surface finish), AIRTEX® has become a high-value niche product to distinguish from commodities, especially from Asian mass products.

"This leads to a new way of thinking in our existing markets:

-          Tailor-made solutions either by a customer’s task or on own initiative by our R&D and Sales.

Print solutions for market segments like:

-          Interior with AIRTEX® the Art of seamless wallcovering.


-          Textile Architecture special printable VALMEX® fabrics for façade cladding, stadium roofing or inner liners with the Archiinks® concepts of 10 year warranty on printed colors.



-          Inflatable boats with Yukon by Low & Bonar is a camouflage printed boat material.

Yukon boat.jpg


-          Truck curtains with POLYMAR® fabrics and the Solidskin® concepts of 5 years full warranty on printed colors.



-          Sun protection


-          Stage design


-          And many more to come

Due to the improvement of printing machines and printing inks,  printed solutions have become more and more attractive for the people who are involved in the above and other markerts.

Low & Bonar attends trade shows with special target groups to come close to the end users demands, to discuss tasks and to talk about solutions. We are really excited to be involved in Pure Digital in Amsterdam and to be acting as an 'Ambassador' for the creative wallcoverings segment."

Cafe or Restaurant environment

Cafe or Restaurant environment