Positive signs for the Dutch print market !

After years of decline in turnover the Dutch print industry has been able to increase turnover in 2016 (1.5% ). Production increased significantly more (+3%). Because of favourable circumstances in the internal market production will remain stable in 2017. The number of bankruptcies is at an all time low. This all according to ING.


Turnaround for print sector
The combination of digitalisation and an economic crisis has hit the print industry the most. The turnover in the internal market halved in eight years time, the number of companies (not counting one-person businesses) decreased by a third. Specific segments such as packaging survived but had to battle a growing pressure on margin. 2016 seems to be the end of this negative turnover trend. The number of print shops will likely decrease further, mainly by age related ending of businesses and further consolidation. The transformation of the sector is not over yet, mainly because of technological advancement, but this will likely be a positive influence.

'This is great news for the Dutch print market and comes at a good time for the new show focused on Innovation in Print' says Frazer Chesterman - Co Founder of Pure Digital show.

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