What is the biggest driver for change in digital print?


In our recent Pure Digital Survey we asked this simple question. And we got an overwhelming answer.  Read more from this report in this blog and get a link that will get you a copy of the full report.

Consumers, according to our results, are overwhelmingly (60% respondents agreed) driving this change in demand and this will continue to be the defining factor for growth for digital printing. The consumer is at the pinnacle of the apex of change – if consumers were not changing, then it is likely the print industry would not change either. There must be pull or the push factors (technological change) would not gain traction. There are plenty of examples throughout history where technological possibility has not aligned with consumer demand. But right now, both are meeting one another and change is happening quickly.

For digital print, on the one hand, in the ‘functional’ home/food retail shopping consumer behaviour is increasingly defined by speed, convenience, customisation and value. We shop more frequently for what we want when we want it. On the other hand, for more luxury related purchases, the experience is crucial. If one takes into consideration the capability that digital printing has to both personalise and create textured, sophisticated and unique environments, then the creative industry will increasingly want to know how to deploy print that can match this unstoppable megatrend. And that technology and process is digital printing.

If you would like a full copy of the report, follow the link below.