What application offers the best opportunity for growth in digital print?


Digital décor printing production is in a steep incline of growth right now. So it offers a significant opportunity for printing companies looking to reach into new markets and create new value. The reality is that ALL these sectors listed above provide a printer and designer with new opportunities and capability with which to exploit. The décor opportunity certainly seems to be grabbing plenty of attention. This is partly due to timing as the new possibilities are being realised now and this is coinciding with a sharp increase in demand both from the retail, leisure, work and home décor markets. The forces pulling demand play to the unique characteristics that digital printing technology can offer. For example, the demand for greater frequency of change. The impact that digital wall and floor coverings can achieve is significant and instrumental in creating an impact and enhancing an experience.  And this is simply not possible with analogue technologies. 

Second to décor is packaging and similarly, this is a fast-moving segment, which is closely defined by consumer behaviour. Digital print solutions for packaging campaigns are on the increase where they can arrest the attention of the consumer and distinguish a product that sits on a supermarket shelf, to encourage a sale.  We anticipate that this continues to grow and develop whether with EP or Inkjet.

The remaining two segments (POP and commercial print) are sizeable digital printing markets already and whilst the possibilities with digital printing are not as new, the gap between technical possibilities and the source of creativity remains large meaning that the opportunity is not fully exploited and growth potential still remains considerable.

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