Moving more than digital print

Created by Jennifer Castoldi, Trendease for HP 

Created by Jennifer Castoldi, Trendease for HP 

The HP booth at Heimtextil for me was one of the most compelling booths I have seen for a while. And this isn’t necessarily because HP invested more, but because it was superbly curated, and collaboratively produced.

For the booth, Jennifer Castoldi at Trendease worked with HP and a number of innovative designers to create a showcase of the possibilities for digital printing particularly focused on home décor. And the results were really powerful in my opinion.

The one showcase that really struck a chord with me was their focus on the ‘Silver’ market with a theme designed to help those with dementia remain in a contented state as all around them were images and reminders of happy times with important people in their lives. This is a touching and powerful reminder that digital printing coupled with healthy doses of imagination, originality, forethought and brought to life  in collaboration can positively influence people’s lives. And that is more moving than only digital print. 

HP will again show these digital decor designs  that can make a unique, valuable and lasting impression at Pure Digital in Amsterdam 17-19 April. We hope to see you there.