Zund: A Cut Above


At home, out shopping, on vacation, in the streets, in a car or on an airplane – we are constantly surrounded by products likely to have come off a Zünd cutter. From street signs to storefronts, packaging to spacesuits, hot-air balloons to bullet-proof vests, airplane seats to windshields, Zünd digital cutting systems can process all of the materials involved with the perfect tool for the job – be that cutting, routing, creasing, scoring, or laser machining. Zünd has more cutting systems installed worldwide than any other cutter manufacturer.

 Top technology on solid ground

Wherever you look, whatever you do – in some way, Zünd technology is involved in most of the things we see and use in our daily lives. Whether in graphics or packaging, leather or textiles, or even in a host of specialty applications, Zünd likes to stay a step ahead. Not surprisingly, the Zünd brand has become synonymous with innovation, precision and reliability. In a world that has become enormously complex, our ability to react to changes is critical. Those who serve multiple and highly diverse markets constantly have to balance opposing needs. The modular construction of our machines guarantees a degree of flexibility that is absolutely essential – and the key to our lasting success. We have made a habit of setting milestones in developing cutting technologies. With our G3, S3, L3 and D3 digital cutting systems, our engineers have once again proven their powers of innovation. We stay true to our motto, "Your first choice in digital cutting", by continually striving to make good things even better. And good products are made in an environment where solid ethics rule for the benefit of everyone. As a company, we will continue to thrive only as long as our customers, co-workers and suppliers can all share in our success. We develop and believe in system solutions that reflect our responsibilities towards people and the environment – solutions that are technically superior while delivering exceptional customer value.


 High technology on solid ground

We are a family-owned business engaged worldwide in the development, manufacturing and distribution of multifunctional digital cutters. Our customers are manufacturers and service providers in the graphics, packaging, textile and leather industries, as well as in technical textiles and composites.

Our success stems from our leadership in innovation, superior technology, modular design and a concerted focus on customer needs. Our products and services are guaranteed to deliver the productivity and reliability essential to our customers’ success in their varied fields.

 Worldwide distribution and service

Our headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, are home to Zünd R&D, marketing and production. Besides our own sales and service organizations in Hong Kong (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Franklin, WI (USA), Bangalore (India), Eersel (Netherlands), Bergamo (Italy), St. Albans (UK), we rely on a worldwide network of long-standing independent distribution partners. Zünd and Zünd partners alike excel in providing a local presence as well as expert, comprehensive service and support.

Our cutters

The Zünd G3, S3, L3 and D3 cutter series are the result of 30 years of pioneer work. The most flexible systems yet, in terms of available sizes and configurations, they also comply with the most stringent safety and environmental standards. All our cutting systems offer robust construction, extraordinary versatility and exceptional longevity. At the same time, they satisfy our customers’ growing demands for ergonomic and user-friendly operation, and above all, unsurpassed productivity. Always upgradeable, G3, S3, L3 and D3 systems are well equipped to meet today's challenges as well as those of tomorrow.