What is the expected rate of growth for digital print?


These results show a positive and bullish response to anticipated growth rates for digital printing throughout the industry.  45% believe growth for the year to be above 10%.

This exceeds any other type of printing, it would do of course, not least because the base is still relatively small (generally accepted at around 3% across the board). Regardless of this, it also demonstrates confidence that the technology is more than capable of working alongside analogue processes, and in many cases by itself in order to meet the needs of the modern brand and retailer.

Quality of reproduction of digital printing is decreasing as an issue for print buyers, as technology improves and cost becomes more of a dominating issue.

The gap between the print and creative industries is still regarded as the major impediment to growth for digital printing.

When the creative industry better understands the economic model of digital printing and the creative and practical advantages that digital printing has, then cost will be removed as an issue. The compelling ability that digital printing has to meet the need for small batch production will outstrip any short-term cost gain that analogue can give, as its comparable inflexibility will be exposed.

Pure Digital's mission is to bridge this gap.

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