Women in the Graphics world : Where are all the Graphic Gazelles ?

Guest Blogger - Jill Geens asks why are there not more women in the Print and Graphics World?

I have to admit, since I know “Straffe Madammen”, founded by Elke Jeurissen, I tend to look around on meetings, in companies, on seminars and search for other women. Usually we’re not numerous. Are we really a minority? Are other women not interested? Or don’t get get the chance …


In numbers

In some numbers, we match men. 50% of the world’s population is female. Well, that’s nicely dived. But then numbers start to look pretty bad for us women:

•    5% of the world leaders

•    10% of the world income

•    75% of all people in poverty

•    66% of all illiterates

In facts

Are these numbers representative for my - graphic - world? Yes, they are! Last January I faced the facts myself at the “VIGC* trapt af”-event: 70 attendees of whom only 4 were female (one of them being a speaker): 5%. Why are there so little female entrepreneurs in graphics?

Are we incapable?

On the contrary! A study of McKinsey & Company “Women Matter” from 2014 teaches u