Digital print has a positive future in a new digital landscape


Pure Digital Survey Results show that digital printing has a positive future BUT it must get better at communicating its value. Too much time and effort is spent by printers and print manufacturers and suppliers simply talking to themselves. And not enough time and effort spent connecting, inspiring and communicating with the creative industry.

Digital printing is no longer so new that the quality of reproduction is constantly questioned or the cost of ink a barrier to use. Being able to produce small batches of printing is incredibly useful. But still the true creative value is not being used and this, according to our respondents in this questionnaire, is due to the fact that the industry is not communicating its true value to its customer base. In all forms of printing whether paper-based or industrial, digital printing is not merely a replacement technology. It adds performance advantages that cannot be matched by the analogue print technology. 

Secondly, respondents believe that printers do not see themselves as part of the creative industry and this is a big problem – for sure the main theme throughout this report is that overwhelmingly printers must do more to communicate, collaborate and to be creative in order to help their customer base, and more importantly survive and thrive in the future. We have also noticed with commercial print applications and décor in particular, the growth of online models B to C and B to B – that empower consumers and customers to order products that are customised or personalised to their need is growing. This model cuts out print buyers, and also traditional printers to some extent, so a greater understanding of exploiting the online technology can provide a business is certainly important and to some extent vital going forward. Particularly as the printer's customers are very media and tech-savvy.