Do you have the courage to be creative?


This is just a quick update as we have now hosted two design development groups with top graphic and decor designers from London and Amsterdam. It’s been an inspiring and informative process and one that is helping us to shape the next edition of Pure Digital.

Fact is digital printing is quite an unknown weapon in the arsenal of design. And if its virtues were better understood undoubtedly there would be a greater exploitation of its creative power. This is clear and agreed by the groups.

Our exhibitor mission this year is to grow demand for digitally printed design! But what about the theme?

The overall story and theme for Pure Digital 2019 is taking shape.

It is clear that designers thrive when they have a sense of freedom. But so often they enter the ‘real world’ and due to the realities of client briefs and a general conservatism, these ideas become stifled, and even worse judged.

Enter the analogue paradigm. The fact that there are a very well drilled set of limitations and rules jus plain stifles truly creative design. What if you make a mistake? What are the ramifications?

If you’re a designer for textile this could mean a huge amount of stock, print and prep time (cost) weighing you down. The designer must have the sense of responsibility placed on them. If it sells well, you’re a great designer, if it doesn’t then you’re not. And a huge amount of money is lost.  It is probable that the finger of blame ends up pointing at the creative source. The designer.

So imagine a technology that enables you to print short run, one off, personalised if you want to and without the need for long prep time or large stock inventories?

Well imagine no more. Digital print enables that, and it’s a reality. It’s getting better, faster and cheaper all of the time.

See, a designer must have courage. You must be in order to make a statement, express a concept, grab attention and make an impression. Design that fails to do this, whatever it may be, just fails.

Yet the analogue paradigm is the problem and digital print technology just relieves this huge burden from the creative designer.

At Pure Digital 2019, will be challenging all of our exhibitors, designers, speakers and visitors to have creative courage, to express and enact ideas that make a difference, stretch boundaries, break rules and make a statement. All of the things that great design should do. And all utilising the liberating power of digital print.

If you are a creative printer or designer - do you want to find out how to build your creative courage and explore the possibilities by joining us?

If you are an exhibitor, are you courageous enough to get involved and help to tell this story?

Either way, why not get in touch to find out how to get involved by emailing me at

We hope you can join us in Eindhoven 23-24 October 2019.