Pure Digital 2: Rewriting the rules of digitally printed decor

Unless you have been in a time capsule for the last 5 years, I’m venturing you will know that the world has changed in a very short space of time.

 Just watching the second series of GLEE (with my daughters although I confess to enjoying it) which is now available on prime video proves this. Smart screens were not in widespread use at this point. They were still in an early phase. And this only first aired in 2010!

 Right now we expect a significant degree of customisation in our lives. It’s not unusual or unique to see personalised products. It is now the way of the world. But do designers understand the potential enough to unlock their personal design power? I would venture not, particularly the desire of consumers to produce design that appeals to specific individual taste.

This of course presents a challenge and opportunity to how things are made. How we are communicated to and what we consume. And we all should want to inspire the design world with the potential.

And with the particular focus on printed technology products - with the added value digital can achieve brings digital short run production and personalisation sharply into focus.

 Digital Print Unburdens Designers

No longer do we need to fill warehouses with stock and no longer do we need to sweat if a specific range does not sell. This places a huge burden of responsibility on a designer and this undoubtedly stifles creativity. You simply would not want to stretch your own boundaries of creativity fearing that the finger of blame for low sales yield would end up pointing at you.

Digital printing can give us new opportunities by rewriting the rules of creativity by literally putting the designer in control.

Now, with amazing digital printing, a designer can play with concepts and try out ideas unencumbered by the rules of analogue.

Freed from the shackles and restrictions of the analogue production paradigm digital is poised to create a new paradigm of their own. Yes of course there are new things to learn, but that’s just part of the adventure, and this adds further impetus to the Pure Digital Show. The next iteration will be highlighting this fact and showcasing new potential along with inspiring design success stories. But more than that, the design world will have a key hand in its creation. Imagine a digital print event curated by designers for creative PSP’s and a growing community of designers. It is a simple but very effective formula.

Pure Digital 2 Development Group 25th October in Eindhoven

Last week we had a superb attendance of over 40 people from the Benelux Digital Print and Design Community in attendance to discuss the next edition of Pure Digital which will take place at the Beursgebouw Exhibition Centre which is perfectly located close to the Centraal Station in Eindhoven.

Taking place at the same time was the Dutch Design Week which has become northern Europe’s most important and significantly attended design festival. This offered attendees an additional reason to attend Pure Digitals Development Group Meeting, and we think in 2019, with Pure Digital running the same week it will have a similar effect. Why not come to Eindhoven with such a focus on design?! And check out what is happening in digitally printed decor.

Lets start by re-writing the rules….

Lets start by re-writing the rules….

The outcomes of the meeting were really useful for the show organisers not least the direction in terms of visitor profile. Following on from the first Pure Digital this year on 17-19 April in Amsterdam - exhibitors want to see more Creative PSP’s and Interior Designers and Architects.

Another of the meetings’s recommendations means that the Pure Digital Show will this year also benefit from a development group made up entirely of designers - this will aid in the mission to create a digital printing event that inspires designers with the possibilities and potential that digital printing can provide.

Designers will help to produce the content and features at the event

Designers will help to produce the content and features at the event

Creative PSP’s however are the most critical aspect of the attendance and much will also be done to increase attendance quality and reach.

All in all it was an excellent, practical and productive kick off meeting for Pure Digital 2, not least as Booth reservations were made.

 If you are interested in participating then contact Marcus.timson@mackbrooks.com

Print Pakt Live! @ Dutch Design Week

After the meeting, I had time to walk across Eindhoven to take in the Print Pakt Live! Which was organised by KVGO and designed to showcase small format print in all its design glory. There I met with Alex Kunst and Ed Boogaard who were chiefly responsible for the fourth edition of Print Pakt Live. This is a really positive initiative from the association KVGO. Throughout the 8 days of DDW Print Pakt Live took place to connect cutting edge print with the creative industry and an assortment of different seminars as well as having key illustrators, printers and designers available to explain their work and their approach to bringing design to life with printing.

It was a great show of commitment and according to Ed and Alex puts them into contact with an abundance of people throughout the time there. It is clearly a lot of work but with their energy and imagination as well as their positivity towards printing – one that pays off for KVGO and the printing industry.

To hear Ed explain the thinking behind KVGO’s Print Pakt Live catch this short video interview I had with him.

What did people think of Pure Digital Show Development Group?

Muriel Knippers, Antalis Benelux:

“Antalis looks back on a successful first edition of Pure Digital, the digital print event for the creative industry. In our pop-up store, visitors were able to gain inspiration and experience the creative freedom with our product range for interior design. With this event, the Pure Digital organization has achieved “bridging the gap”

Hil Dreisen discussing Design and Digital Print with designers at Pure Digital 2018

Hil Dreisen discussing Design and Digital Print with designers at Pure Digital 2018

Interior designer, Hil Driessen:

“The Pure Digital program will enable synergies and cross-fertilisation across the different creative and the digital print sectors. Collaborating with FM Brooks and the Pure Digital team was also an enjoyable experience.”

Terry Raghunath speaking at the Pure Digital Conference 2018

Terry Raghunath speaking at the Pure Digital Conference 2018

Terry Raghunath, HP: “What I liked most about Pure Digital is the collaborative spirit that it engenders. What the organizers did very well, is to bring a very diverse, and yet, like-minded people together who are all pitching in to develop a new Print Community. The networking opportunities at the show were excellent.”