Pure Digital Launches and Bridges Gap

Some of the pioneering 'Founder' Exhibitors at Pure Digital

Some of the pioneering 'Founder' Exhibitors at Pure Digital

Pure Digital opened its doors for the first time yesterday and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support. The show, collocated with Building Holland attracted visitors from across Benelux and Northern Europe with visitors and exhibitors attending from as far away as China and Northern America and Canada.

The concept of Pure Digital has long been needed according to many attendees who took part in the comprehensive conference programme rich in inspiration and supported by HP, Canon. Probo and Motiflow.

And if it's possible, Wednesday's programme looks even stronger with sessions by Richard Askam (Host for the day), Terry Raghunath, Juriaan van Beelen, Hugo Schoute, Marc Cloosterman, Maria Horgan, Marieke Du Pre and many more inspiring innovators- In fact to check out today's awesome programme just link here


Some pictures from the first day: