What next for Pure Digital?


The mission for Pure Digital remains to connect the print and the creative communities to really focus on showcasing the unique potential of digital printing.

Still, digital print represents only 3% of all printing and according to our research this is due to the fact that creatives just don’t know the potential of the technology.

In order to define and design the next edition of the Pure Digital Show, we will be hosting a Pure Digital Development Group on 25th October at the Beursgebouw Exhibition Centre in Eindhoven.

We already have over 30 leaders in attendance, but if you are interested in joining us then do let us know. This invite is open to anyone involved in digital printing who has an interest in our mission with the exception of other event organisers.

So, we are excited about the next edition of Pure Digital, if you would like to get involved and join us at the meeting then contact marcus.timson@mackbrooks.com