Industrial Inkjet Ltd, UK - Stand 12.117

IIJ logo copy.jpg

IIJ will be using the Pure Digital show to illustrate the next paradigm in wallpaper design and production. A core part of their machine will be on display, as well as a full range of samples on various standard wallpaper media. The stand will feature a mural wall image to show the extraordinary capability of this new technology.

Visitors will be updated on IIJ’s development of a full speed industrial wallpaper-production capability using digital technology developed in collaboration with partner Konica Minolta. The solution competes with conventional printing methods on productivity, print width, speed, ink performance and cost-per roll.

An example of a mural-wall image printed non-stop with no gaps will be part of the IIJ stand backdrop. Prints coming off its system are not restrained on image length and involve a wide range of typical wallpaper media, including paper, PVC and non-woven (coated and un-coated) – all printed at high speed. See the IIJ video on digital wallpaper production here.