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Future Proof Your Brand with Marc Cloosterman, VIM Group

A unique perspective of brand management and -technology for the future – coming at it from the business administration side. With digitalisation well under way in society, and only just started, Marc Cloosterman will summarise the main trends that impact organisations and their branding. Next he’ll set out the implications for brand directors and brand leadership – as the impact is significant.

Marc is author of Future Proof Your Brand – a best selling book on Amazon, and he is an accomplished speaker and blogger on various global platforms.

As founder of VIM Group, Marc has been responsible for its global expansion and for developing the business into a leading brand implementation and management consultancy – working with a range of clients, from well-known multinational companies representing a variety of sectors, to non-profit organisations.

He is also ambassador of the working group on Brand Leadership of the European Association of Communication Directors, a member of the advisory board of Communication Director magazine and a member of A.W. Page Society.

Out of offices in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York and Munich a wide array of clients are served. Clients include Deutsche Telekom, ABB, IKEA, DNVGL, ING Group, SkyTeam, Schroders, Air Liquide, Merck, BMW, Danfoss, Medtronic and Julius Baer Bank.

Marc spends his private time with his wife and three children. He is an active mountain biker around the beautiful Dutch countryside – where there are no mountains.

Hosted by Richard Askam, WNC

Marc Cloosterman, VIM Group

Marc Cloosterman, VIM Group