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Redefining Design with Digital Printing Technology

It is proposed by the purveyors of digital printing technology – that digital print is redefining the possibilities of design.

Yet there remains a chasm between both the print, sign and creative industries.

Will there be a time when there is no longer a gap? Is this a possibility? And does it really matter?

In order to tackle this controversial question, we have assembled a star expert panel featuring Christoph Gamper of Durst, Veena Sarojiniamma of Industrial Inkjet and Mark Stephenson of Fujifilm. All panellists will give their insight drawing upon their experience within the development of digital print, using examples of digital print innovation, new technological development and trends in the market for new applications.

Panellists: Christoph Gamper, Durst Phototechnik AG
                  Mark Stephenson, FUJIFILM Europe
                  Dr Veena Sarojiniamma, Industrial Inkjet Ltd

Hosted by Marcus Timson, Co-founder Pure Digital