Leaders in Technology

 Leaders in Technology Summit, 28th June 2017, Cambridge , UK.

InPrint and Pure Digital events are pleased to present a new educational event for 28th June 2017 – The Leaders in Technology Summit.

Whilst industrial inkjet is in a growth phase, it is experiencing a number of growing pains as it is disrupting traditional techniques. The aim of the event is to inspire inkjet community with insight on leadership, entrepreneurialism and innovation. Getting people to deviate from convention isn’t easy! So this summit is aimed to challenge our community and help them to overcome these challenges.

The event itself starts at 1.30pm with coffee, kicking off at 2pm on Wednesday 28th June

This summit has a number of lively and energetic speakers focused on innovation and business growth. Simon Biltcliffe (Webmart), Costas Papaikonomou (Happen), Richard Askam and Adrian Munn (Monochrome). All inspiring speakers with a strong message on innovation and growth.

The second block of content will be more technology focused and pointed at industrial inkjet.

The event takes place at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge,UK and will be followed by drinks and dinner ( sponsored by Diamond Dispersions – Lubrizol )

We have 60 complimentary delegate places available – so register your interest with me frazer.chesterman@mackbrooks.com