As the digital print revolution accelerates, production must now be at the core of the creative process. From inception to design and delivery, digital print companies are transforming into integrated design and marketing service providers.

In today’s cacophony of advertising noise, people are realising that print has tangible value. Print appeals to the senses and enables an emotional connection, whether this is décor, packaging or retail focused print. And consumers are changing how they make purchase decisions, how they engage with brands, and how they invest their time.

Digital Print 4.0 isn’t just a temporary trend. Companies are being forced to adopt digital, in order to stay relevant and to respond to fast-changing consumer environments, and a demand for short run, customized production.

The whole creative supply chain is under pressure to unite to align with Digital Print 4.0.

Digital print for marketing is no longer a tactical or technical issue. Digital printing has become a strategic imperative.